Fool’s Day

1 Apr

Happy fool’s Day, people!! And before you get me wrong i would clear that I am not making a innuendo here. And its a statement given by a fool to every witty person. See, we are more important for this world than you as I have never heard about International Smart Peoples’ day.

You know what is the greatest advantage of being fool?? People don’t take you seriously. They would underrate you and always think that you are not capable of doing anything. And then you prove them wrong. HOW?? Because you don’t have to be perfect. They don’t expect you to excel. And when they are underrating you, you gain what is normal and then you become hero (in my case writer, still a fool, but happy one)

So, this was a little piece of advice to all non- fools.

Be a fool and its the key to latent rule…. 😛 😉




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