22 Mar

Blue is the color of facebook, twitter and wordpress. It is the color which 75%of people in this world like and 67% of the world population carries blue color everyday in some or the other form. Blue films are the most viewed and this industry is richer than hollywood. The Indian cricket team is called ‘men in blue’. The biggest mammal in the world is blue whale. Is there something special with blue that everything which is blue becomes famous or its famous because its blue??

I think i have become the bluemaniac. And this can be seen in this post and the upcoming posts. Lets be blue and challenge the above question. I am not famous so lets see, if this blue background changes the fate of my blog or I become successful in breaking the old myth that ‘blue rules’ !! 😛 🙂

Either ways… something will be achieved. 🙂 😉



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