International Wo ‘men’ Day!!

8 Mar

“Women’s Day”!! What a shame that we have to expressly assign a particular day to celebrate the femininity in this world. While today, some people would talk about the brighter side of being a woman and some would talk about women’s sorry state  in this man- owned world.

I would be reciting a poem composed by me:

Fine was the day, when I was born

It was not shining and I was alone

My father was not happy

And my mother was sad

That they were expecting the birth of a lad

I grew up in a state of constant fear

As the uncle next door was extra- dear

I entered teenage and everything messed up

‘Why I am a girl?’ was my only question

I held high degrees but was wedded to father of two children

Because my parents had no money to buy me a bachelor

He used to rape and abuse me

And one day, I left and fled from him

I met a guy who was kind to me

But late was when, I realized that he wanted only money

Now, people question about my chastity

But, its a traditional answer that

“To cry and weep the whole life

is a woman’s destiny!!”


Now,I would be providing you with a reality check of , when we today, are celebrating womanhood, what happens to them in a single day.

  • 22 deaths because of dowry demands
  • 3 murdered every day
  • 2 raped in every five minute
  • 10 women die of sexual abuse and violence
  • 7000 girls aborted in 1 day
  • 65% girls attend school and about 34% reach college
  • 50-60% girls are married before 18 years

So, this is the state of affairs going on in my country and I,after seeing this,am  not proud of it…


4 Responses to “International Wo ‘men’ Day!!”

  1. Al March 11, 2013 at 1:01 am #

    Pretty depressing day

  2. anandkumarrs March 11, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    Agreeed. On Women’s Day, my tweet to the men
    This Women’s day Stop Wishing & Start Washing
    Vessels, I mean!

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