Exams… friek!!

1 Mar

This post is specially dedicated to the students of 10th and 12th who would be giving their board exams this year.

O, small child, what’s in your hand? It must be a bright future. A luck. Some dreams. The flight of dreams. The strength to make the sky small. But, I think, to achieve all this, there is a fear to be left behind. Isn’t there the pressure of career? Isn’t it depression?

Its so hot, child! These days of exams, are a burden on you. Syllabus books, guides, ten-years papers, model papers model test papers, notes, tuition lessons, maths, science, commerce, you have to cram it all this, oh.. Sanskrit too (I forgot it!). You have to face it all. This is a very stony, bushy, tensing road. Not a single question should be left. NO step should be wrong. Not a single mark should be deducted. It should be 100 on 100.


Its so hot, child! See, pleasure and laughs are nowhere to be found in the home. See, the television set is off. Your father is tense. Mom too. Friends have been asked not to visit as your exams are going on. This depressing situation has been created for you, so that you get good marks. For your bright future. School is also not behind. School teachers are there at exam center on time. They give you sweets to eat. They give you flowers and best wishes.

Its so hot, child! Exam time is so tough. You should not play or waste time. Don’t gossip. Don’t roam here and there with friends. Don’t do masti. Don’t watch T.V. Don’t worry about food. Don’t worry about sleep. You should study and only study.

Its so hot child! You are all alone in this exam. No parents, no friends, no siblings. There is no one with you! No school, no teachers, no coaching center, no tuition, no one is with you. All are judging you. Parents, teachers, relatives, school, tutor, the whole system, yess… the whole system is judging you.

You should only keep you future in your hands. Keep a good luck. Keep some dreams….

But not the sleeping pills and the rope…



One Response to “Exams… friek!!”

  1. Sneh March 15, 2013 at 11:37 am #

    Nice and touchng!

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