Indraprastha Saga- 7

25 Feb
Hey… today, something will happen that  you would have longed for, since you first read this series.
As soon as the news of suspension of B spread throughout the college, there was a streak of shock among everybody. But this time, it was not just about being sorry upon the poor state of management. This time was to rise, to protest and to claim what was theirs’. The students came together and assembled themselves in front of the office of the college. They called for total disobedience in a peaceful manner and boycotted their classes. Three of them went a step further and declared hunger strike. This trio included B. The protest was being carried out very peacefully and the teachers were astonished at this pacified behavior of Gen Y,the same generation which was often criticized for their ruthless and carefree attitude.
After two days of hunger strike and non- cooperation from student fraternity, the management had to take some decision. They could not just sit idle and ignore. So, they did what was right or to say necessary to prevent further degradation. They called off the suspension order and it was a victory, not only of B, but of every such person who was connected to the law school.
But, certain issues are still burning! Will the dean be removed from her office? Would the teachers get justice? Would the law school become a true lawful school?? We will see… but nNOT in the next post.
People have been telling me that I am deviating from my main motive of humor+ satire+ raising the current issues (which are often serious). So, the next time we meet, I would try to come back to the path that I had chosen. Till then, happy days. 🙂

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