Indraprastha Saga- 6

24 Feb
Today, I would come straight to the point of the story, because its Sunday, and I will not bore you with the spoilers.
As we know, the revolution was taking its charge in the law school. Teachers and students, both the fraternities were anguished by the environment that was prevailing in that place. The dean knew how to control the teachers. She issued memos against some teachers and was to some extent successful in making them dumb. But, student agitation was on its way. The students organized themselves, they circulated posters and banners which demanded the removal of S from deanship.
To pacify these revolutionaries and to deviate them from the issue, S again lifted the axe and took the next step in digging the grave of her authority. She issued a suspension order against one of the students, lets call him B. So, this lightning fell on B because, he was one of the active revolutionaries. The suspension was nothing but a litmus test to check what would be the reaction of such action. The suspension was totally illegal, as the charges were not specified and it was to be in force, till any other further notice.
Will the students turn dumb as the teachers, to some extent did? Or they would find some other way to deal with it?? What would it be?? Will the suspension be revoked? We will see.. in the next post.

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