Indraprastha Saga- 5

23 Feb

Now, you would have been bored by always reading about the mess and wrongdoings going on in the institute. But, I believe that with the same boredom, you also are excited to know what happens next.

As they say, no matter how cloudy the day is, sun will definitely shine. It maybe hidden for sometime, but it would never go away. This college was also eclipsed by the dean, who was coming between the light of success to reach the lives of students and teachers.

After the charges of sexual harassment being made out on the innocent teacher by the dean, there was an outburst among teachers. They were furious over this drastic and moving act of the dean. Previously, it was an internal matter that teachers were being abused and misbehaved by the dean for no reason. But now, the war was open. The dean had crossed the line. The teachers were left with no choice, but to protest against such a shameless authority.

The students also had united themselves and raised their voice in favor of removal of dean on the grounds of the case of plagiarism being made out against her.

Now, the dean had come in a vulnerable position. The tables were turned. Teachers and students, both were against her and now the real war was on the verge of commencing.


Will this movement, brought about by the teachers and students survive and bring change or be blown with the strong oppositional storm of dean and top management? Will see… you know when… 🙂


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