Indraprastha Saga- 4

22 Feb

By now, you would have understood that there was a gross and high- level management failure prevailing in the law school.

The teachers and students were quiet but it was like the cool breeze in the desert, a desert to where tsunami was headed.

The first stone was thrown by the dean in the placid lake by accusing one of the teachers on the grounds of sexual harassment. The only mistake of the teacher was that he had caught a student red handed, cheating in the exam. Unfortunately for him, that student was dean’s son. The case of harassment was a pathetic move by the dean to cover the flaws, for which she was responsible. Everybody who came to know about this, was first shocked, then criticized the dean, then sympathized with the teacher and then felt sorry for the law school.

Students, on the other hand, were suffering from other kinds of traumas, they had no library and other such things ( Already told in the previous post)!!

So, in a way, teachers and students, both were being victimized by the same hunter.

To light the cracker, the dean was charged of the serious offense of plagiarism.


Wow!! This is getting intense. High level politics is being played. A person accuses someone and gets charged for some other reason. What would happen next? Would the dean go? we will see tomorrow.


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