Indraprastha Saga- 3

21 Feb

In the previous post, while concluding it, I had told something about other issues which needed to be raised. So, today, I would be touching upon those.

The gross mismanagement prevalent in the law school was not only confined to teachers, but also affected students. There was no proper library, which is a pre- requisite of every law college. The students were discouraged from going and participating in moot competitions. There was an ever growing lack of funds, affecting the infrastructural facilities. The chaos was created, maintained and grown very strategically by the dean and top management.

It is said that, there once came a time, when people, i.e. students and teachers started feeling that this whole thing is a deliberate move to scrap off the law school.

Some students, aware of their rights, occasionally used to raise their voice, but were sealed by issuing memos against them.

Strange!! An unqualified person, not even worth to hold that office was dictating the same country’s best teachers and judges, lawyers and leaders of tomorrow.

Now, the administration had crossed all the lines of wild decisions and discretion which were on the face of it, arbitrary.


In the next post, we would see, after the lines are crossed, would anyone come forward to remind them of their limitations; or are there no lines at all??


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