Indraprastha Saga -1

19 Feb

Hey!! How are you people? If you are good, read it and ruin your day and if you are sad, read it so that you will realize that there are worse kinds of things going on and then you will feel better. So, in any case, read further.

This post series is the tale of a college. So, let’s start how conventional stories start.

Once upon a time, there was a university. Don’t get into its name, said Shakespeare. So, this university offered many courses like B. tech, MBA, MBBS, Law, etc… Law, I said?? Ya.. the main story revolves around the law department. There was a Dean, let’s call her ‘S’. So, S was an unqualified professional who was facing charges of more that 20 cases which included plagiarism and financial embezzlement s, among others.

The day she stepped into the Dean’s office and sat on that blue chair, everything around took a U- turn. The law school became a ‘flawed’ school, possessing every possible flaw that you can imagine in an institution. She used to abuse the teachers, the students and her power. She was like one of those kings, who was obeyed by everyone, but respected by none. Every person, in that campus knew about every wrong she had done, but God only knew why all were too afraid to raise voice against her.


Now, in the next post of this series, we would see as to does she continue to be an anarchy or some changes happen, someone raise the voice and if yes, then what next??

So, stick on because, its not about a university in mess, its a tale of worst v. best. One the one side is S and her power and on the other… would there be someone?? We will see that tomorrow!!



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