1o Ad ideas I never understood

18 Feb

This idea, I understood 😉

So, here are the remaining 5 ideas, which i never understood. After writing the first post in this series, I got this idea that my readers are either as dumb as me for not understanding the logic of these advertisements or are too miser to share their knowledge. Whatever!! I can’t stop being miserable for an excuse like that. 😕

So, here I present, the next and the last 5:

6. Need for handwashes: One day will  come when, these companies would ask to wash chapatis with a special soap, which would save us from diseases caused by having food. After all, your health is more important than hunger. Or, they would introduce, a dirt- free food… made by machines, which are designed my machines which are made by robots who are made by humans. Ya, there is human element here too, but the possibility of you suffering from “human given illness” would be very remote. And if you have doubts, you can always rely on special “food cleansing chemical”.

7. Now, pay attention… A girl in bikini coming out of sea and then drinking coconut water. Guess, what is she endorsing?? The sea tourism, the coconut water, the bikini?? No, fellas! its an insurance company ad. You would say, where did that came from. Well! I never understood it, that’s why its there in the list.

8. Girls falling  from air, as soon as the man applies deodorant. Bad for girls, because this shows that the man has not taken bath, for you know about 3 days. don’t get offended, I am talking about the minimum. And bad for the man too, because every time he uses this deodorant he has to get his bathroom ceiling fixed and this has caused his carpenter getting attracted to him. 😉

9. For this one, there is no explanation, as the same would ruin the genre. The statement when they say, “You may have any color of your choice, till the time its black.”

10. This ad is not stupid. But sometimes two ads are so placed that they defeat each others’ purpose. Like, in today’s newspaper there was an ad endorsing grapes at Rs. 40 per kg at the Big Sale and an ad which was marketing a wine for Rs. 100. Now, that is tough choice.. isn’t it??


See… this is what I was talking about!!


🙄   😮


2 Responses to “1o Ad ideas I never understood”

  1. anandkumarrs February 19, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    Good one !!! While on this, please read my post on Creative Media Innovation in India – http://wp.me/p1dZc2-dK
    Feedback and comments welcome !

    • harshdamangal7 February 19, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

      thank you and will definitely se this link 🙂

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