1o Ad ideas… I never understood- first 5

6 Feb

“Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine.”


Why, wouldn’t a man not tell lies to his wife?? Yes, Ogilvy, you may have a good sense of advertising, but I can’t say the same about your marriage taking into light this statement !!

Friends, there are a lot of medias through which we come across a more lot of advertisements. Ads selling goods, services, ideas, messages, persons, dreams, perceptions, etc. This might sound as a definition coming from a management book. It should be, because it is coming from there only. But, what impact does these ads have on our mind. Well, talking about myself, most of them amuse me. They are just funny. So, this post is dedicated to some of them. These are some ad ideas, which i didn’t understood. I hope, you did, because then u can make me  understand them too !!

  1. Before launching of conditioners, shampoo is enough for tour hair.But, after the company launches the new product, it seems conditioner is enough, why need shampoo?

    when people have no water to drink, they are asking to drink Coca Cola !!

    when people have no water to drink, they are asking to drink Coca Cola !!

  2. ‘Free’ Gifts: Somebody please tell them… no one charges for gifts… They     are always free, they are not doing something extraordinary, except for preaching… ” free gift with XYZ worth Rs. 5.

  3. Hair removal cream: Why is Katrina, applying Veet on already smooth hands?? I would buy Veet, if she gets rid of her actual unwanted hair publicly through this product, as she flaunts!!

  4. Washing powder: Please stop trying to whiten a yellow shirt. It was never white, your husband bought it in yellow shade only.

  5. Fair And Lovely: Well! The ad is funny and ugly. I mean, how can a person by using this fairness cream, get a job as manager? And if that’s true, why am I still unemployed??


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