… the remaining story

1 Feb

Last time, the story was not finished

And I now, start from where I left.


He said, to love me, he doesn’t need to know me

And cupid struck him when he saw my dp

I realized that, maybe, it’s not too bad

Maybe he is the one, for whom I wait

But, i decided to take some time to say YES

I asked him if he would wait a phase

He gave me time to think and tell

And i was hoping, that everything would be great

After that, I didn’t go virtual for a month

To hell with the stupid new neighbors

After one month, I logged in to say YES

But, by that time, everything was in a mess

The ticker claimed that he is in a relationship

And the thing with me is a drowned ship

I asked him about his love and all

He said, its not in his nature to wait and watch

He waited for me, for about one week

And after that, he met Tehzeeb

He was lost in her eyes,

And thank God, I was saved from such a termite!! 😀

image 1


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