27 Jan


I opened my fb profile

Thanks to the neighbor’s free wi- fi

Got 7 notifications, 2 messages and 1 friend request

The request made was by an unknown man

there were two mutual friends as link

and his profile he works at ZINC

I read further in his profile

and got to know a lot in a while

I accepted the request made

and moved on to other things to rate

The second day, there was a message

thanks for accepting me as your friend

I replied, that it’s not a big deal

But maybe he got another kind of feel

Within a week, he proposed me


And I was shocked for what did he see

I tried to resist the situation

Said, I have a boyfriend in my tuition

He was not convinced and laughed

said he loves me from the bottom of his heart

I just melt and asked him “why”

He told a reason that surely was a lie

Said, to love, he doesn’t need to know me

And cupid struck him when he saw my dp.

Now you are not getting the whole story in one tale

And for what happens next, you would have to wait !!



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