Mother’s Day

23 Jan

IMAG2637They say that mothers have an intuition. Well! mine has a radar!!

You would be wondering why am I talking about mother, when there is no official mother’s day round the corner. Its because not the official one, but the real one for me, that’s my mom’s birthday was round the corner. Although, I had a busy schedule round that time, had my internship viva (let’s not talk about that), got my hand burnt (there is a reason why I hate kids, but let’s not talk about that) and I was basically busy in flirting someone (now you would say who, but that didn’t got well, so let’s not talk about that)!! But, amidst all this, there was one good thing, and that is the topic of this post, i.e. my mom’s birthday. Now, I would not bore you by telling how we spent the day, because we didn’t did anything special  and spent it as usual except that dinner out and that too in open area because the inside of the restaurant was already reserved. 😛

So, here is a poem cum umm ahem. umm well!!… The reason why you should not be bored by this is that  its dedicated to mom, you will relate to it… I hope and you wish, otherwise you would be damn bored!! cool

The day you came on this earth

God lost its precious stone

And as they say every person sees his better

I came for you to teach you my lessons

I am the opposite of what you wanted

But strange that we are so much bonded

Creating the world which I don’t deserve

And making me happy when it was not worth

You never taught me how to walk

That is what dad did when we were alone

The day when I was scared to go to school

and you stood outside the gates till it got over

The day when I told that I need a boyfriend

and you screamed a lot and scared me out a hell

(ya I should not have asked for that one)

The day when I told that I bunked today

You screamed even harder and told to mend my ways

(ya I am a stubborn, shouldn’t have told that too)

But the day when we saw an A grade movie together

and the scene where you were embarassed and i Kept the laughter

The day when you found that I have grown up

and you were happy as well as sad

The day when you told me to be strong and brave

and kick anyone’s ass if he do something grave

the bottom line:

YOU may not be the coolest, strongest, modern or understanding

and i may hate you sometimes for what you are

But you are definitely the right one

for a person  like me

and mostly, I LOVE YOU 🙂


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