Jaanlewa Jaanu Part- III

17 Jan


Boy calls girl. It had been 7 days since they last met. Girl picks up the phone.

Girl: Hi.. Jaanu

Boy: hi… I was thinking that maybe we should go out today.

Girl: Today?? No… I am busy.

Boy: OK… then tomorrow??

Girl: No… I have parlor appointment.

Boy: then… the day after tomorrow?

Girl: No… its Fitzi’s birthday.

Boy thinks( even my boss has got more time in life than her)

Boy: Oh.. that dog of yours??

Girl: How dare you call him a dog?? He is a family member.

Boy thinks (on her birthday, she didn’t invited me over to her place because it was a ‘family function’… huh… lucky fitzi 😕 )

Boy: Ya… I know he is the son of the family…

Girl: yeah…. Lets do one thing… why not meet on Friday?

Boy: Oh no..no..no… I have a very important meeting to attend.

Girl: Is the meeting more important than me?

Boy thinks (phans gaye): Baby… I have to do my job na…

Girl: jaanu… You have changed…

Now, the boy could not take such an accusation and said… “ Ok… I would see if I can avoid the meeting”

Girl: that’s like my jaanu…

On the decided day, they met in the Park.



Boy: You know what… my boss scolded me and threatened that next time I skip any meeting, he’ll fire me.

Girl: Don’t worry… nothing of this sort will happen.

Boy thinks( Greater Kailash me villa me rehne waali kya samjhegi Rs.20000 ki naukri ki value..)

Girl: Jaanu… do you know…

Boy keeps his index finger on girl’s mouth in the ‘kuch na kaho’ style and tries to get closer to her. He maintains the eye contact constantly as he is about to touch her lips with his’, when,

Chana lelo chana, khatta kurkura chana…

The whole aura created by boy vanished into thin polluted air. At this moment, she excitedly screamed… jaanu… chanawaala, chanawala.

Boy thinks ( what does she want?): Baby… you want the chanawala??

Girl: tum bhi na bade wo ho…

Boy thinks (Now what the hell is ‘wo’) 🙄

Boy buys chana for Rs. 10 (yes… 5 me milne band ho gaye… mehngayi badh gayi hai!!). While, the girl is busy finishing the nuts, the boy is thinking about the meeting he could have attended and doubled his chances of promotion rather than receiving threats of demotion.

But, then he realized the presence of a person in his life, who without any damn reason calls him jaanu, cannot sacrifice  her ‘family functions’ once for him and is thinking about food when someone is kissing her. Yes!! She is the one who makes him smile through all other troubles as she is the biggest of all and makes him realize that other things in the world are just too trivial in comparison to her to be taken tension of!! 😆



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