Gender Discrimination… the other side of the story!!!

31 Dec



We all have heard, read, talked or wrote about gender discrimination at some point of our life. And when someone says gender discrimination, the first image or thought which comes to our mind is a lady getting cornered in workplace against a male employee or a man beating up his wife or naari mukti morchas, etc… These thoughts never spare a space in our mind to think about the discrimination, the other way round. But I think I have more time to spare to make such observations than others (vellapanti), so here are some of the points which would and should enlighten you about the discrimination which men faces against women. And if they don’t, well then you are a feminist. 🙂

  • A woman can sleep with any man she wants, but a man gets to sleep with the woman who lets him to.
  • The concept of ‘ladies first’. Well! according to  the story that goes behind the origin of this phase  in ancient days, when a couple came back to the cave, the cave had often been invaded by a wild animal. The man wanted to avoid the risky situation, so he asked his female friend to enter first.  Hence the phrase, ‘ladies first.’ That was so mean of her male friend. But ladies have started using the phase for their convenience, so much so that if a man does not use this phrase, he is considered to be too rude. So, ladies, from now before expecting this courtesy from a man, remember the story of its origin!!
  • Ladies can get their work done by crying. The perfect astra to melt down any man are the tears of a woman. Whether it be her father, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or any other male. But, mind it, it would never work out as against another woman.
  • I have never seen a girl buying wedding ring for her boyfriend, even if she knows that he is gonna propose and that he too has fingers. But, if the boy proposes without ring, the wedding is off, even before its on.
  • Today, women wear everything which is or was conventionally seen as to be men’s clothes like shirts, trousers, t-shirts , but if a man wears salwaar suit or frock, what do we call him??
  • Ladki ghar ki izzat hoti hai, wo khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai!!”  Why is the respect, dignity, honor of a family related to girls only?? Do boys in no manner, help in keeping it up?? 😛
  • If  a man talks dirty to woman, its sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, its costs Rs. 10 per minute.

So, as we conclude the discussion, I hope that it would have have enlightened you in this regard. If not, then you are a hard core feminist!! But, even after all the discrimination that males face, one thing is true and always will be:

Sons are sons till wife,

but daughters are daughters for life!!

I know you will wonder how is that related to the topic. when did I said it is!! In fact, the blog is all about senselessness in something which makes sense 😛



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