Maal Dibba

11 Dec

Here, I am not talking about indexa goods carriage. This refers to the ladies coach of Metro. What is ladies coach?? The first coach in the moving direction of every train is reserved for ladies only; male passengers are requested not to travel in this coach, doing this is a punishable offence. So, this is the definition of maal dibba according to the record artist working for DMRC. Well… if you are Delhite you would know what totta, maal, kantaas, item, saaman, etc. mean and if you are not a Delhite… you will in any case not understand most of this text.

The most optimistic person which a girl can see from this coach is the guy, who keeps standing between the link of first and second coach; just to stare the ‘maal’ although he cannot enter the dibba. It’s like “muh tak aaya, haath na laga’!! 😛

At any time of the day, the ladies coach is generally less occupied compared to the othe coaches. And at any time, the following activities would be going on; no matter what!!

1.)    you would always see that girl who unpacked her lunch box and just sticked the chewing gum of her mouth in the back of the seat.

2.)    you would always spot that bunch of girls, who would be talking about clothing, accessories and shopping.

3.)    you would always find that hot, sexy and intelligent girl( YES! that specie also exists), who would be whining about her inability of not having a boyfriend and her friends sympathizing with her. (That HSI, i belong to the group)

4.)    you would always find the group of aunties, who have the ability to basically say negative about almost everything; their husband, children, relatives, friends, jobs, and even Aamir Khan… ( Yes! that happened)

5.)    you would always spot a girl sitting on the last seat of the coach, i.e. the two seater, where she, in one hand is holding her phone which is being charged by the socket above her head and in the other hand holding the hand of her boyfriend, who is standing in an attention position.

And above all… if you don’t spot/find this one, your journey is completely worthless!!

6.)    the woman who carries her make- up room with her and as soon as she grabs a seat, she starts her makeover. I had myself seen a seemingly late 30s’ transforming into a 25 year old chick in a 20 minute ride… ( I know…. that was indeed fast!!)





6 Responses to “Maal Dibba”

  1. varun sharma December 14, 2012 at 7:10 am #

    Now seriously… You surely belong to the science group. itni reseach toh science wale bhi nahi karte. although there are some mistakes in your research ( like you belong to the HSI group), I would rather consider them not as mistakes but as false observation, but overall observation was good. If the results are true then you must possess a good view of observation. Sherlock holmes ki assisstant kyon nahi ban jati use bhi help mil jayegi.

    • harshdamangal7 December 14, 2012 at 7:20 am #

      LOL… well i would have to admit that your comment was more amusing than the post itself… and about being in the HSI group… the topic is subjective. But, i am honoured that u think me to be of worth to be an assistant to Holmes… i had a feeling that i am not even qualified for jasoos karamchand 😛 … your comment was a real motive booster. Thanks 🙂

  2. hunterdixone March 21, 2013 at 9:50 am #


  3. Dilip June 25, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    Interesting observations! 🙂

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