26 Nov


Most of the girls call their lover boy by

different names including darling, sweet

heart, my love, etc., in common or when

they are unable to recall his name and

sometimes mould their parent- gifted

names to their convenience like Shubham to

Shoe, Mahesh to Mahi, Ramesh to Ramu

among others. The boy, who would get

furious by the wrong pronunciation of his

name by others, would follow the girl’s

command neglecting the sentiments of his

name giver.

But, the most common phrase used by girls

is “jaanu”. Jaanu ye, jaanu wo, jaanu how is

this sweeter ,   and the boys thinks, “jaan

lele jaanu ki” (I know its copied). Ever

wondered what’s the magic in jaanu which

appeals the most. When everything

fails,’jaanu’ comes to rescue. If the boy is

not moved by this compliment then mind it,

he does not love you. 


There are many words which helped in the

derivation of this word like jaan-e-man,

jaan-e bahaar, umraojaan (oops!) and all

that. Maybe, b’coz these words are too long

and complex to understand… girls have

derived the easy way out. Short and sweet

jaanu. Coz, if she says jaanashin, the boy

might think that she is asking him to go and

bring  something nashila for her or jaan-e-

bahaar might mean ja-na-baahar. So, to

avoid all these unwanted situations, jaanu

will solve the purpose.

Now, lets look at the power of this word in

an incident that I  had the privilege to came


I had gone to shopping (as usual) and was

searching for some good stuff (now its just

to say, otherwise when I shop, I don’t

search). So, a girl came over to the shop

with her boyfriend. They both narrowed

down to two kurtas, one which the girl liked

and the other that the boy chose (here P.S.

the boy had just randomly picked that one,

so that the girl doesn’t think that he

doesn’t care…after all… money is not all

that matters…{seriously??}). Now, the girl

was not prepared to give up the stuff she

had choosen and also didn’t wanted to pay

by herself. So, she chirpingly said,

“Ramesh…I like this one.” The boy said, “ I

am gonna pay for this one”…pointing to the

one in his hand. Now, the boy was in the

stronger position. The girl tried to give him

reasons to buy what she liked and tried to

convince him that the one in her hands is a

far more better investment. The boy was

firm and all he had got was his one

point(money). The shopkeeper and I were

very keen to know who would win, although

it was clear that the boy was on the verge

of victory. Here, the girl took out the trump

card and very sweetly said, ”Jaanu please…

please jjannu”. Now, I don’t know what that

meant, but it worked. Her Ramu, her

sweetheart settled for jaanu and shed out

Rs. 500 and purchased both the kurtas as if

jaanu is a way to completely knock his

senses out. One thing I learned was that:

When everything fails…

Jaanu fares

Well this jaanu saga will be back with more

research in this area, the next time!! 🙂





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